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Michaud Development Group (MDG) offers a wide variety of development services, and no matter what service we provide, you will receive the highest standards of service, professionalism, and expertise. The Michauds have been developing land, building, and selling custom new construction homes throughout Connecticut for nearly 25 years. They have been recognized for their building excellence, receiving numerous industry awards. They are driven by the many future opportunities in the ever-evolving housing industry. They are always determined to offer the highest quality yet value in all MDG’s projects.


There is no better feeling than the warmth and enjoyment of a well-designed, energy-smart, new home—a private getaway from the outside world, designed and built to meet your taste, wishes, and needs. Home is where memories are made, children are raised, friends and family gather to share good times.

The Michauds have had the good fortune to custom design and build dozens of homes for families throughout Connecticut. As two brothers with young families of their own, they are committed to exceeding the expectations of every family who entrusts them with building their home.


At MDG we have the experience to create some of the most sought-after residential communities. We implement the most desirable use for the sites we acquire, from redevelopment projects to raw land. From the initial site visit, we envision what the site could become, think outside the box, and develop the highest and best-use project. We incorporate architectural, natural, and landscaping elements to perfect the site for new homes.


MDG works with investors and landowners with the development of their own projects, bringing their visions to reality. MDG provides site selection, budgeting, municipality approvals, and financing expertise. Once all the municipality approvals are obtained, MDG can assist in all exit strategies including the sale of the approved project or the build out to completion. 


MDG maintains an active policy of seeking land for development and is always interested in hearing from landowners, agents, and brokers who have land to sell. As a developer, acquiring development sites is necessary to meet the rising demand for high-quality new homes in desirable neighborhoods. We seek to make the most of every opportunity small or large, and will continue to make the acquisition process very efficient for landowners. MDG is continually seeking new opportunities for sites with development potential throughout Connecticut.

These include:

  • Unfinished Projects

  • Residential/Commercial Mixed Use

  • Joint Ventures

  • Vacant Land

  • Infill Lots

  • Teardowns

  • Redevelopment/Rehab Sites

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